How to Let Go of Negative Thoughts

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Starting the process of natural healing begins with setting yourself up for success during the healing cycle. This requires preparation. The key preparation you need to make is letting go of your negative thoughts. The Healing Cycle The healing cycle occurs when you’re sleeping. It’s very important to set your body up in a very […]

My Natural Healing Journey

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The Beginning Thirteen years ago, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Just like everyone else who had been diagnosed with an illness, I went into a denial phase. I did not understand why it was happening to me. I was scared because it was the first time that something happened to my body and I […]


The Art of Natural Body Healing

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Do you believe that your body can heal naturally? Even in the unpleasant circumstances where we hurt ourselves, our body knows that it needs to be healed. Our body knows what to do. For example, if we cut our arm, cells in our body work in order to heal the cut and replace it with another layer […]


Be Healthy and Happy

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We are all health conscious especially that we are bombarded with a lot of pressure. Work, house chores, financial problems and others make us more susceptible to health issues. These pressures, unknowingly, decreases our body’s capability to fight off diseases. To avoid getting sick, we should be aware of the things that our body can […]


Be Health Conscious

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Admit it: there are points in our lives that we take our health for granted. We eat what we what and disregard the negative effects it might bring to our body. When our health’s fine, we do what we want to do because we are not sick yet. But I hope that we are now […]

3 Secrets to Happiness: Secret #2 Compliment, Contribute, Condone

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Compliment, Contribute and Condone The second tool that happy people, successful people use is to compliment, contribute and condone. Most of us are walking around and aren’t necessarily as successful and happy as we’d like to be. That is because most of us are criticizing, complaining and condemning. We’ve got to get those three things […]