3 Secrets to Happiness: Take Your Smile to Another Person

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In my previous post, we talked about how valuable a Real Deal Smile can be to helping you feel happier throughout the day. Now that you’ve been practicing your smile, it’s time to take your smile to someone else.

Smile at a Stranger

I encourage you to smile at a stranger we don’t want your co-workers or neighbors to get the wrong idea.

The next time you’re checking out at the grocery store just smile a beautiful smile. Don’t say anything else.

After you’ve bought your newspaper or bought your cup of coffee, just give them a beautiful smile. That’s it!

When you start smiling in the workplace or at home, your mood is going to improve. People around you who know you or associate with you regularly might think you’re up to something at first. Soon though, they will start benefiting from your smiling face because they will start smiling too. It will increase the mood and level of energy everywhere you go. If you are married or in a partnership, it will improve your relationship with your significant other and your children.

Smiling Happy Little Faces

Smiling parents produce happier children. I know of a family that I love dearly, but they’re not a smiling family. Smiling comes pretty easily to me and my own family. I do still have to practice when I notice that I’m resting or too tense, but it seems to be a natural state for us.

Now this particular family have 8 children and we had them over for dinner. There were my 3 children, myself, my husband, their 8 children and their parents. The whole family was stone-faced.They weren’t being disrespectful, they were just sitting there but they didn’t have a happy smiling expressions on their face. I happened to be sitting across from my friend’s husband, smiling and talking, while the children are talking and just being who we are. He put down his fork and he looked around the table and said “Wow! Your kids are really happy!”

Smiling does affect so many areas of your life and people will notice it. It’s not trivial, it is important.

If you want more happiness and success, you’re going to have to learn how to do that Real Deal Smile. It may feel odd or fake at first but it can become a habit.

The look we have on our face right now is a habit. Most of us were born smiling – even babies smile easily.

After you’ve smiled in the mirror, and smiled to a stranger, then tell me how that’s changing your life. Visit me on Facebook, or mention me on Twitter, I would appreciate it. I want to hear your stories. I want to know how this very simple tool is helping you feel successful and happier.

Again, you may have already been smiling but maybe not to this degree. So, put your smile on! Send me a picture of your smiling face! Let’s connect. Let me know how it’s going and send me a picture.

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