My Coaching

I work with normal people just like you, struggling with everyday issues like Work, Life-Balance, Happiness, Health, Distracted Minds, and my all-time favorite health and wellness issue: CHRONIC STRESS. Find your direction and maximize your possibilities.

Feeling good and living great is possible for you with me as your guide.

As a coach, I am an expert facilitator of mindset and behavior changes that generate for you a sustainable healthy lifestyle, preventing and treating disease, fostering well-being, fun and happiness. In other words, I teach you to love the life you hate!

How would you like to have a nonjudgmental, friendly and knowledgeable expert ready and willing to help you accomplish your goals and dreams?


As a certified WellCoach, I am trained by the only coaching school backed by the American Academy of Sport Medicine and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. You receive cutting edge, evidence-based, and innovative programs to transform your life. I’m always learning something new and passing it on to you.

Keys to My Coaching

  • Elicit mindful self-awareness and insights, creating a catalyst for change in mindset and behavior.
  • Use self-determination theory and motivational interviewing to uncover autonomous needs for change.
  • Help you develop self-efficacy and resilience - often the missing key to long-term success.
  • Help you design an engaging vision and goals that spur you to go beyond what you can do alone.
  • Apply expert advice or referrals when necessary.

“The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own thinking.”

– Robert H Schuller.

How to Start Your Healing and Happiness.

You have three ways you can take advantage of getting what you want in life. The first is Coaching Intensives for high achievers who want to experience success as quickly and easily as possible through one to one coaching. The next level is group coaching centered around a specific topic like healing IBD, Stress Management, or Making More Money. Lastly, you can take your time and devour as much training as you like through my online self-study courses.

Coaching Intensive

One to One coaching is for 3 months minimum. While this is a very worthwhile investment and many clients happily invest for the personalized dedicated service, I realize it is out of reach for others. This is the most expensive option but the fastest catalyst to real and lasting change.


Small Group Coaching

is more affordable and comes with advantages as well. You get the benefit of a community of like-minded individuals, written feedback reports after each coaching session, handouts, worksheets and other tools used in the small group lessons. Small Groups are done online and in the Harford County, MD area.


Online Self-Study.

Courses are designed to be used independently, most in video format. This option is great for the self-motivated who “just need the facts Ma’am”. You still get email support as well as course material. The course is yours forever with 24 hour access. Most clients take advantage of this option first and in addition to other services.


Get on Your Path to Health and Happiness Today and start enjoying your body and your Life!

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