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BolsterUp is a comprehensive training and coaching company led by Stephanie Bolster McCannon, Organizational Wellness psychologist, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and author.

BolsterUp! supports the wellbeing of the organization through optimal employee success training in person, and online through multiple programs.

Ms. McCannon is a global trainer and author of best selling book, BolsterUp: The Ultimate Guide to Being a Happy Health Human.


“To be one of world’s leading wellbeing consultant agencies”.


BolsterUp is an organizational development and wellbeing company offering consulting, comprehensive programs and coaching services.

BolsterUp believes supporting the success of each Individual Is the best, and most cost effective means for a thriving, profitable and sustainable future for humanity.

Meet Stephanie Bolster McCannon

Certified Health and Wellness Coach (one of the first), Organizational Wellness Psychologist, Autoimmune Recovery Support Specialist, Published Author, Speaker
Bolster Up

I am an expert in helping employees with stress related health issues discover proven strategies for healing disease, creating lasting happiness, and a life work rhythm they LOVE living!

I am an expert in helping employees communicate effectively with confidence, internal strength, and wisdom to perform and give their best in the most satisfying circumstances.

I provide proven strategies to reduce burnout, decrease biometric battlegrounds, and improve performance for all.

I am best at educating the whole organization on best change protocols to provide the best outcome and compliance. After all, change is inevitable, we best get a handle on how to do it effectively! Say “yes I can”, and contact Stephanie Bolster McCannon today.

As Seen

OnSite Speaking/Training

The BolsterUp Method

Live Event

Onsite, relevant, and engaging events. Choose from an extensive list of hot topics, and proven programs to transform the Individual employee, teams, and whole organizations. *see Topics for a list of current offerings

Virtual Event

Online ready-to-go Interactive, Individual or packaged programs that are self-paced videos Including workbooks, worksheets, and opportunities for group coaching.


Consultation for organizational wellness programs, Improved participation, outcomes and continued Involvement to maximize dollars spent and minimize loss.

Topics: Onsite/Virtual/On the Go


BolsterUp! Core 4
Stress Management
Communication Skills
Time (Task) Challenges
Vision and Goal Setting
Core Needs and Values
Natural Strengths
Being Productive

In Demand

Best Year Ever
Gut Health Protocol
Self Care Protocol
Kids Mental Wellness
30 Healthy Habits to Thrive
Hormone Health for All
Sugar Detox
Happiness Now

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"Professionalism and Support Are Highly Maintained"
"It was awesome meeting you yesterday. Thank you so much for the wonderful sessions that gave us a fresh take on mindfulness and meditation - it was much needed! I will definitely be in touch to discuss future sessions on Mindfulness and eating."
“Energetic, Engaging and Informatitive.”
"OMG…!!! My staff absolutely LOVED Stephanie, loved her. She was passionate, motivated, energetic, simply wonderful. We are going to talk about bringing her back to another OE meeting, for longer than an hour, very soon!"
"The Quality of Coaching Produced is Very High Value"
I just want to thank you personally for all your excellent guidance which has truly helped improve my health. You are an outstanding professional and your efforts have changed my perceptions about the value of health coaches.

Current Published Work

Has Society Evolved Beyond The 40-Hour Work Week?

The 40-hour workweek is outdated and causing harmful burnout among American workers. The passage argues the US should follow other countries in adopting a shorter workweek and more paid time off to improve wellbeing, health, and productivity.

'I'm a Wellness Psychologist—These Are My 5 Secrets to Happiness'

The author describes her personal journey to prioritizing wellbeing after struggling with stress and illness, eventually becoming a psychologist focused on health and happiness. She shares 5 secrets to happiness including mood management, nutrition, music, movement, and values alignment.

Tips for Managing Politics In the Workplace During Election Season

“Organizations need long-term plans in place to address the anxiety and stress from election loss, political differences and the impact this has on employee performance and wellbeing,” says Stephanie Bolster McCannon, an organizational psychologist and wellness coach. “When individual values are at stake, emotions run high. Helping each person to recognize common and shared values and assisting workers to focus on these will aid in cooperative relationship building during tumultuous times.”

Women In Wellness: Stephanie Bolster McCannon of BolsterUp On The Five Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Help Support People’s Journey Towards Better Wellbeing

The author describes her journey to becoming a psychologist focused on happiness and wellbeing, sharing 5 lifestyle “tweaks” for better health including positive thinking, breathing techniques, customized nutrition, cool bedroom temperatures, and a daily gratitude practice of sharing the nicest things that happened. She believes spreading mental health awareness is critical for humanity.

Rethinking Remote Work with Stephanie Bolster McCannon

Rethinking Remote Work with Stephanie Bolster McCannon February 17th, 10:50 AM EST By Andy Hirschfeld Pause Unmute / Fullscreen With the COVID-19 cases trending downward, people are headed back into the office, but for some workers, remote work is now a permanent way of life. On today’s business brief Stephanie Bolster McCannon, Well-Being Coach, psychologist and author joins Andy Hirschfeld to outline the remote work landscape post COVID.